I've Been Writing

I haven’t posted in awhile and it’s because I’ve been furiously working on…a number of things actually.
Mostly I have been focusing on an Erotic Biker Romance that I am super excited about. It will be a series, with the first book coming out October 14, 2014.
It’s a little unconventional, so I’m planning to self-publish. So far it’s got thumbs up from my Beta Readers (who are awesome!) and I can’t wait until it’s finished!

Here is a bit from Chapter One
My hero Rochlan “Rock” North musing about the heroine Hope Kendall:

It wasn’t love at first sight when we met. Lust? Definitely. I don’t think I believed in love at the time. But one look at her beautiful face and all the bad stuff around me melted away. Not an easy feat for someone wearing handcuffs.
Someone as innocent as her should never have gotten involved with a guy like me. By innocent I don’t mean she was some breathy eighteen year old virgin ingénue. No, when we met she was a thirty-one year old married lady. When I use the word innocent, it is in terms of never having killed someone. Never seeing someone die in front of her. Never breaking the law.
True violence had never touched her life.
Violence and I had been close personal friends for a large part of my life. And crime. And death. I used violence as a tool to keep order in my often chaotic world. Just like she used the law to keep things orderly in her black and white world.
She was a lawyer. I was a criminal. She was married to a decent, hard-working, honest guy. I fucked any willing girl who hung out in my club and made my living in less than honest ways.

I love Rock, he walks the Alpha/Asshole line quite well.

LOST KINGS MC, Book 1 – Available October 14, 2014

Lost Kings MC
Lost Kings MC
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