Kickstart My Heart

Episode 17

Mallory, shower, sleep.
The only three things on my mind as I roll into the clubhouse lot. Preferably Mallory in the shower, and then going to sleep curled around her naked body.
Our parking lot’s full of bikes belonging to Silver Saints MC members, killing any fantasies of getting my girl wet and naked.
I understand why my dad wants to keep peace between the clubs, but having these assholes filling up our clubhouse pisses me off. Someone always ends up getting hurt. Usually one of our club girls.
Not all members of the Silvers Saints MC understand the concept of no means no. I’ve suggested to my father more than once that wiping them off the face of the planet might be the better option.
I hope to fuck Mallory took my warning seriously.
As I feared, the clubhouse is already in rough shape. Doe’s nowhere to be found. Most of the old ladies wouldn’t stick around for a party like this one. I catch my dad outside our chapel.
“What the fuck, old man?”
He brushes off my concern and instead wants a rundown of the delivery I made to our guy right over the Canadian border.
“It was fine. Tally has the cash. You seen Mallory?”
“Pussy whipped already, son?”
This is not the time for my father to test my patience. “Fuck off. You seen her or not?”
“Nah. Not for a while. She took off when they started arriving.”
Thank fuck.
I push through the crowd, shake a few hands, and do my imitation of a smile on my way to our room.
Opening the door, I finally find my girl.
Only, she’s hanging out with a little guest.
“Hey, Trinity.” I smile and flash a quick wave. “What are you doing here, kiddo?”
She whips around and grins up at me. “Chaser!”
I pick up the little squirt, because how can you not? She’s a cute kid in a shitty situation. Over her head, I make a what the hell face at Mallory.
“I found her hiding behind one of the couches before the party started.” In a lower voice she adds, “I couldn’t leave her out there.”
“Good call.”
She gives Trinity an affectionate pat on the back. “I’m glad you solved the mystery of her name for me. She was very tight-lipped.”
Trinity grins and nods, quite pleased with herself for keeping her name a secret.
“Scooby-do,” Trinity says.
“Yeah? You watch some Scooby?”
She bobs her head up and down, long blonde ponytail, swinging wildly down her back.
“Your mom here?” I ask.
“With Trick.”
I snort, but keep the “visiting Trick or turning tricks?” question to myself. Trinity’s mother’s a piece of work. Her old man’s an officer of the club that’s visiting us tonight. Her mom coming over early to screw a brother from my club ought to liven up our clubhouse later.
Clubs go to war over stupid shit like this all the time.
“Trinity!” a deep, angry voice bellows from the hallway.
Shit’s about to get interesting sooner than I expected.
That angry voice can only belong to Trinity’s father, Bishop. SAA for the Silver Saints MC. One big, mean bastard of a biker.
He can yell all he wants. If he’s gonna hurt or scare Trinity, I won’t let her leave with him.
Setting Trinity down, I point to Mallory. “Hang with Mallory for a second, okay?”
Trinity nods and runs over, climbing into Mallory’s lap, but keeping her eyes on the door. Mallory wraps the little girl up in her arms and presses a kiss to the top of her head. “We’re okay, Chaser,” she assures me.
I must be turning into a sappy bonehead, because watching how sweet Mallory is with a little girl she barely knows stone-cold steals my breath. Never, ever thought about having kids of my own until right this second.
Shaking that off, I steel myself for the confrontation I’m about to have and throw my door open.
“Bishop!” I call out to the scary-ass motherfucker stomping down the hall. A lesser man would shit his pants with this man barreling down on him.
I square my shoulders. “She’s down here.”
Whoops. The dark look passing over his face says I’ve got two seconds to explain myself. “My girlfriend was watching her.”
Trinity makes it to the door about the same time her dad does and he scoops her up in his arms. His face actually softens for about half a second as he looks his daughter over. “You okay, Trinny?” he asks in a gentle tone.
She nods and points into my room. “Scooby do.”
The corners of Bishop’s mouth curl up. Shit, who knew he was capable of smiling?
Mallory joins us at the door. “I found her in the living room behind the couch. It was getting…uh, busy out there, so I brought her in here with me to watch TV.”
Bishop’s gaze roams over my woman a few more seconds than necessary and I slip my arm around her waist, pulling her to my side.
He finally turns his attention to his daughter. “Where’s your momma at, girl?”
“Dunno,” she answers quickly, because her mom’s been training this kid to lie since before she could talk.
Ain’t any of my business, so I just shrug when Bishop looks at me. I have a good guess which room Trinity’s mother’s in, but I ain’t about to serve up one of my brother’s for an ass-whooping from a member of another club. Even if he deserves it. “I just got home from our run. Found Mallory watching her when I walked in.”
He nods at Mallory and skips the eye-fondle this time. “Appreciate it.” Bishop’s always been gruff and to the point.
“I guess you’re not sticking around for the mixer?” I joke, trying to get a read on why his club’s here tonight.
He shakes his head as if he’s as disgusted by the idea of our clubs mixing as I am. He’ll never speak against his president, just like I’ll never say a foul word about my dad. But we both know this attempt for peace between the clubs is futile. Bishop’s the only member of the Silver Saints MC who isn’t a complete piece of shit.
“Taking Trinny home. You see her momma, tell her not to bother dragging her sorry ass out the door.”
Yeah, because that’s a family dispute I want to stick my nose in. “Sure.”
Once they leave, I see the million and one questions flickering over Mallory’s face. “Don’t ask.”
“Later. I’m beat.”
“Need me to take care of you?”
“Yeah. Start with showing me how much you missed me.”

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