Feral Escape

Feral Escape

Book 3: Catnip & Cauldrons

Cat-shifter on the run, Molly has been captured, imprisoned and is near-death when Ivan rescues her. The mysterious and aloof lynx-shifter is deeply irresistible to Molly.

Ivan has vowed to never get involved with a shifter again, but the more time he and Molly spend together, the more he questions his old beliefs.

Rescuing Molly is only the beginning. The danger Molly and the rest of the runaway cat-shifters have managed to elude is closing in on them fast. Ivan is committed to protecting Molly from all threats. Ivan’s past comes back to bite him when his old enforcer friend tells him he’s been hired to bring Molly in. When he refuses to turn Molly over to the ruthless enforcers, they both become prey.

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