I’m frequently asked the following questions and to save my sanity (and fingers) thought it would be nice to put together the answers in one neat place for everyone. Thank you!

Q: Will Dex get a book?

A: Yes.

Q: Will Jigsaw get a book?

A: Yes.

Q: Will you write another book for Rock and Hope?

A: I don’t have any plans for one right now, but I’ll never say never to writing more about Rock and Hope.

Q: Will there be a wedding book for Teller?

A: I think so. There will probably be a lot more than just a wedding going on in that book!

Q: When will there be more Lost Kings MC audiobooks?

A: I don’t have any information about that at this time. When I do, I’ll be sure to share. However, The Hollywood Demons series is complete and on audio. It is a spin-off of the Lost Kings MC series and there are crossover characters.

Q: Will Mara and Damon get a book?

A: Eventually, maybe one day I’ll finish their book. Along the way, I lost interest in their story but maybe I’ll find it again in the future. 

Q: Do you plan to write books for the next generation of the Lost Kings MC? Will Grace and Alexa take over the MC?

A: Yes, I have thoughts about Lost Kings: Next Gen. I don’t know about the girls taking it over, though. LOL! We’ll see what happens!

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