Onyx Shadows

Onyx Shadows

Book 2: Catnip & Cauldrons

While vacationing in Rome with her wizard boyfriend Cole, Onyx Knight meets someone like her—a werecat who refused a forced mating.

Kipp says she’s not alone. Werecats all over are coming out of the shadows of tradition and striking out on their own. With the belief that joining forces can benefit everyone, Kipp encourages Onyx and Cole to join their group.

At first Onyx is thrilled to be among fellow shifters, but the tension in the group is overwhelming. Are they really all on the same side? The more Onyx learns about the werecats, the more danger she places herself in. When one of their group goes missing, it will take more than magic to get her back.

Onyx Shadows has a high degree of sensuality.

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