Three Kings, One Night

Three Kings, One Night

Book 2.5: The Lost Kings MC

Three short Holiday stories set in the Lost Kings MC world.

Two sweet stories and one steamy story. Each one is approximately 5,000 words.

Murphy and Heidi
Spending Christmas Eve with his best friend’s little sister will be a challenge for Murphy. Especially when a would-be boyfriend stops by and Murphy realizes there’s a lot he doesn’t know about Heidi these days.

Wrath and Trinity
When Wrath and Trinity find themselves in the clubhouse alone together on Christmas Eve, will they be able to set aside their animosity for one night?

Note: This story takes place between Part 1 and Part 2 of Slow Burn.

Z and Lilly
Z has a surprise for Lilly, but will it be enough to make her break her number one rule, and let him spend the night?</p

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