Lost Kings MC Reading Order

The reading order of books in the Lost Kings MC Series.

  • Slow Burn (Lost Kings MC #1)
  • Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC #2)
  • Three Kings, One Night (Lost Kings MC #2.5)
  • Strength from Loyalty (Lost Kings MC #3)
  • Tattered on My Sleeve (Lost Kings MC #4)
  • White Heat (Lost Kings MC #5)
  • Between Embers (Lost Kings MC #5.5)
  • More Than Miles (Lost Kings #6)
  • White Knuckles (Lost Kings MC #7)
  • Beyond Reckless: Teller’s Story, Part I (Lost Kings MC #8)
  • Beyond Reason: Teller’s Story, Part II (Lost Kings MC #9)
  • One Empire Night (Lost Kings MC #9.5)
  • After Burn (Lost Kings MC #10)
  • After Glow (Lost Kings MC #11)
  • Zero Hour (Lost Kings MC #11.5)
  • Zero Tolerance (Lost Kings MC #12)
  • Zero Regret (Lost Kings MC #13)
  • Zero Apologies (Lost Kings MC #14)
  • Swagger and Sass (Lost Kings MC #14.5)
  • White Lies (Lost Kings MC #15)
  • Rhythm of the Road (Lost Kings MC #16)
  • Lyrics on the Wind (Lost Kings MC #17)
  • Diamond in the Dust (Lost Kings MC #18)
  • Crown of Ghosts (Lost Kings MC #19)
  • Throne of Scars (Lost Kings MC #20)
  • Reckless Truths (Lost Kings MC #21)
  • Rust or Ride (Lost Kings MC #22)

The Road to Royalty Boxed set features Lost Kings 1-3, which includes Slow Burn, Corrupting Cinderella, Strength from Loyalty, and a few bonus scenes not available in any of the other books.

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