An Excerpt from Larissa's Last Night

bannerFBCrimson, Volume 2 is now available!

Crimson is full of 8 sexy vampire stories. My story is called Larissa’s Last Night.

Here’s a taste.

To care for her ailing mother, Larissa works two jobs. After a particularly long day, a handsome stranger walks into her store and changes her life.

Vampire Ferro Lombardi always gets his way. When he meets the charming sales girl, he immediately devises a plan to make her his, forever. Ferro soon discovers Larissa is more than just a pretty face. She challenges him and excites him like no one has before. Their sizzling passion thaws Ferro’s cold heart. But the more he learns about her, the more he realizes she can never be his. Against every instinct, he erases her memory and sets her free.

Is their love strong enough to reunite them against all odds?

And here’s an excerpt:

Mmmm, sassy. He liked that in a woman. He smothered a smile as she led the way. Her heels thudded quietly over the faux hardwood floor, drawing his attention to her feet. He glanced up to find confusion scrunching her pretty face up as she paused and looked around.

She turned those wide chocolate-brown eyes on him. “I’m sorry, this isn’t my regular department.”

From years of observation, he knew women appreciated a man who took an interest in them. “Oh, where do you usually work?”

As she blushed and dropped her gaze to her shoes, the available space inside his pants narrowed considerably, forcing him to shift from side to side. He found her shyness adorable. Ferro heard the words in his head a few seconds before she spoke them.

“Upstairs in lingerie,” she finally answered.

“This is my lucky night then.” He forced his lips into a broad smile with the hope of appearing less threatening.

It worked. The corners of her mouth curved upwards. Alas, it was only the sweet, strained smile of a retail worker forced to deal with a customer. Right then, Ferro wished for a little more.

Crimson, Volume 2 can be found at AmazonARe, Barnes, Breathless Press

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Jeanette Grey

Love the excerpt (and love the website!)


My goal is to cheer you guys on! Varian, this is a very thoughtful and usfeul post. I know the author thing can get in the way of the writer thing. I have a friend in France who wrestles with that all the time. She opted on the side of writing, too, and is taking a sabbatical year from all author appearances, etc. to stay home and write. Good luck, friend.And God bless the families in Connecticut. What a senseless tragedy.

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