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Mr. Lake finished his copy of Zero Apologies in two sittings. That’s saying something about a man who hates to sit still! 
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ZERO APOLOGIES is the sizzling conclusion to Zero and Lilly’s trilogy.

If you haven’t started Z’s trilogy yet, I have a free prequel, ZERO HOUR available.
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I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support for my books! Your early orders and spreading the word to your friends help fuel me through the grueling writing process–so thank you!

You know, as I was searching for this little excerpt, I realized a lot of you have been waiting for the last book in the trilogy to drop before starting Z’s books. So I had a hard time finding something funny and a little sexy that wasn’t too spoilerish! Hopefully, I nailed it!

Here it is:
The guys have moved on to discussing the benefits of cryotherapy when we return. Ravage shakes his head and wraps his arms around his middle. “Are you fucking insane? If a cold shower shrivels my dick, what the hell would subzero temps for a few minutes do?”
“One of the benefits is increased testosterone,” Murphy says.
“For the sake of our hoo-has.” Hope waves her hands in the air. “None of you need that.” She snuggles up closer to Rock and mutters, “You certainly don’t.”
“What’d we say about that, Mom and Dad?” Murphy jokes.
Rock stretches his leg and presses the sole of his boot into Murphy’s side, pushing him off the stump he was perched on.
Unharmed, and apparently amused, Murphy rolls around in the grass for a few minutes before pulling Heidi down with him.
Z sneaks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. “Maybe I’ll try that out so I can knock your ass up.”
Seems Z isn’t going to let this one go. “I’m pretty sure your swimmers are just fine.” I pat his arm. “Ease up, caveman.”
Even though Teller’s property is far enough away from the main road that we can’t see it, the rumble of what sounds like dozens of motorcycles still reaches us.
“Must be other brothers headed to the clubhouse,” Z says.  He lifts his chin at Rock. “Should we head up there?”
“Am I allowed to join you?” Mercy asks Charlotte. 
Charlotte turns to Teller who shrugs.
“You have to go blindfolded,” Ravage says with such a straight face, it’s impossible to tell if he’s joking.
“I’m up for that.” She bats her lashes.
“Oh boy,” Charlotte mutters.
“How are you still single, Mercy?” Winter asks.
“I’m really not interested.” She yanks her cell phone out of her pocket and taps the screen. “You should see some of the bullshit I get sent on Plenty of Studs,” Mercy says. “Doesn’t give a single girl much incentive to get married.”
“Plenty of Studs?” Hope asks.
Charlotte rolls her eyes. “It’s a dating app for those seeking one-night stands.”
“Why do you know this?” Teller asks.
“From her!” Charlotte pokes Mercy in the side. “She never shuts up about it.” She nuzzles up to him and kisses his cheek. “You’re already too much stud for me.”
“Is there a bucket I can barf in around here?” Carter mutters. “And Mercy, you must’ve passed on my profile because I’ve never seen you on there.”
“Thank God I’m too old for dating apps,” I mutter.
Z squeezes my ass, making me miss part of the conversation. “Too what?”
“Taken. I meant too taken.” I grin and kiss his cheek. “You know what I mean.”
“Real men,” Sparky pounds his fist against his chest, “should be able to find a woman without a computer.” 
“Yeah, by hitting on their club’s employees,” Stash snarks, shoving Sparky and making Willow’s cheeks turn red.
“Look at this,” Mercy announces, holding up her phone. “I’ll treat you like a queen, baby. Like the princess you were born to be. Ugh, gross.”
“A good man doesn’t say he’ll treat you like a queen, he just does it.” Charlotte bumps her shoulder against Teller’s arm.
“Ugh, you two are sickening.” Mercy points at Charlotte. “Dicknotized.”
The guys whoop it up at that one. “Z calls it dick-whipped, but I like your version better,” Ravage says.
“You do, huh?” I glance back at Z, who’s glaring at Rav. I elbow in the side to get his attention and lean up on tiptoes to whisper in his ear, “You can whip me with that monster in your pants whenever you want.”
“I’ll hold you to that, Siren.”

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OH! And for those of you who have asked what’s next in the world of the Lost Kings MC, I may have an answer for you right here:

Thank you so much for reading! I can’t wait for you to get your hands on Zero Apologies!!

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