*COVER REVEAL and Exclusive Excerpt!* Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC, Book #2)

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Ta-da! I’m so in love with this cover! The amazingly talented LJ Anderson at Mayhem Cover Creations designed it.

Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC, Book #2)
by Autumn Jones Lake

I’m not Cinderella
But he’s my Prince Charming
Our love story isn’t a fairy tale…

How can a lawyer and a criminal maintain an enduring romantic relationship?
Although attorney Hope Kendall and MC President Rochlan “Rock” North, care deeply for one another, the truth is they come from completely different worlds. Add to that the fact that they are also both headstrong people, and they have a very rough road ahead of them.
For Rock, that means introducing Hope to what it really means to be part of his brutal and shady world, where the Lost Kings Motorcycle Club is his main focus. For Hope, it means accepting the things she can’t change, and understanding that Rock is a man who will do anything to keep her safe.
As Rock continues to draw Hope deeper into his world, painful misunderstandings, past relationships, and opposition from the members of his club will threaten to drive them apart.


Exclusive Excerpt

This is from Hope’s point of view. Rock has brought her to a party at the clubhouse to start introducing her to the club. You may remember Trinity from Slow Burn–Rock has asked her to give Hope some helpful pieces of information. Unfortunately, everything Hope is being told goes right over her head.

“You doing okay with all this?” Trinity asks as soon as the guys are out of earshot. Well, except for Teller, who is so furiously texting someone, I doubt he hears anything we say.


 “I can only imagine what you’ve heard.” She flings her hand toward the open room.

“What’s your role here?” I’m honestly curious.

“Well, club took me in about eight years ago. I have a room here. Club pays my expenses. I kind of take care of the place, clean up after these pigs. And I make myself available to the guys on an as-needed basis.”

I’m not really sure what to say to that. “Why?”

She shrugs and thankfully doesn’t seem offended. “I dunno. I grew up around MCs, so I guess I just feel safer around one.”

“Safe?” I’m not sure if “safe” is the word I would use for hanging around a bunch of guys who could snap me like a twig.

“Have you seen these guys?” She gestures toward Wrath, who is heading our way with a determined expression. “Wrath is a dick, sure, but he’d never let anyone hurt me.”

“I wouldn’t let anyone mess with you either, mama,” Teller remarks without looking away from his phone.

Trinity giggles and punches his arm. The corner of his mouth twitches, and he winks.

Lowering my voice, now that I know Teller is more alert than I thought, I ask her. “Why aren’t you a member? They don’t allow women to be members, do they?”

She hesitates. “I don’t know if any have ever asked. These types of clubs don’t usually have women members.”

“What type is that?” I’m so confused with all their specific, odd rules I don’t understand.

“Outlaw, outlaw, outlaw…” Teller chants for no discernible reason.

“Giddy-up, brother!” Wrath shouts as he approaches, giving Teller a fist bump. Oh, goody—more grief from the big, blond Viking to look forward to.

Trinity continues educating me. “Look. I grew up around bikers. My dad was in a nasty MC. Got shanked in prison when I was ten, but before that he owned a tattoo shop where all the guys would hang. I saw lots of shit growing up. From what I understand, LOKI was in rough shape when Rock took over. But he and Wrecking Ball,” she says, jerking her thumb at Wrath, who blows her a kiss, “and Z whipped the club into shape. Rock’s a good guy. He takes care of everyone. He’s responsible for the family. Women aren’t disrespected here. Rock doesn’t allow it. You know, besides the normal antics of the male pig.”

For some reason, Wrath takes those words as a cue to squeeze in between Trinity and Teller. Hauling Trinity into his lap, he grins from ear to ear like she just paid him a compliment.

“Ugh, get offa me, you beast.” She slaps at his hands, but he wraps himself around her tighter, resting his chin on the crown of her head as if he has no idea what her problem is.

Curious about her story, I ask. “How did you find these guys?”

Trinny waves her hand in the air, then settles it against Wrath’s arms encircling her waist. “Club girls know how to find bikers.”

“Fuck yeah, baby,” Wrath says in a low, rumbling tone that even makes my tummy flutter. As I watch, he takes her ear lobe between his teeth, flicking his tongue back and forth. Her eyes flutter shut for a second and then she elbows him in the chest until he lets go.

She continues as if I hadn’t witnessed the intimate moment between them. “But honestly, I was tending bar downtown with this girl.” She turns to Wrath. “You remember Stormy?”

“Yup. Poser skank.”

She tilts her head as if his assessment is accurate. “She kept telling me about LOKI, and having known bikers since I was a kid, I found her story a little hard to believe.”

Wrath pulls his head back, looking indignant. “Cause she made us sound like a bunch of pussies?”

“No.” Trinity clarifies. “That you weren’t a bunch of pigs. Although she was wrong on you.”



“So where is she now?” I ask.

Wrath shifts his long legs, rolling Trinity in his lap. She wriggles, trying to keep upright, causing Wrath to moan. “Watch it, woman.”

“She was not about this life,” Teller answers my question after shooting a glare at Trinity and Wrath.

“What? Riding motorcycles?” As usual, I’m having trouble following their jargonized language.

The way the three of them share a look, I know I’ve just made an ass out of myself. Why, I have no idea, since everyone keeps insisting it’s just a “club.”

“Thug life,” Teller remarks.

I smile because I think it’s a joke. “You’re not thugs. Well, you probably are,” I say pointing at Wrath.

“I definitely am,” he says, meeting my stare.

“Anyway,” Teller continues, smoothing over the awkward moment. “Stormy-girl found herself a nice citizen husband.”

My blank stare is enough that I don’t have to voice the “what the heck is that” on the tip of my tongue.

Both Wrath and Teller focus their stony glares on me, but Wrath is the one who delivers the lecture. “She was one of those good girl types lookin’ to take a walk on the wild side. You know, spice up her dull, sheltered life? Attaching herself to outlaws made her feel special,” Wrath says. It’s similar to the speech he gave me earlier. Shame—I’d just started to think he might not be a complete asshat.

Trinity seems alarmed by how intense this conversation suddenly turned. “That’s not entirely true. She got tired of being passed around. No one was gonna claim her back then, and she really wanted to get married and start a family.”

Wrath sneers. “No one was claiming club ass. Back then.”

A flash of anger lights up her face, but she doesn’t respond. Instead, she leans forward and lowers her voice. “From what I hear, Rock hasn’t been with any of the club girls in like a year or something.” She straightens up.

I already know this because Rock admitted it to me the afternoon we had our heart-to-heart in his garage. But it still feels good to have confirmation from an inside source.

“All the girls gossip about the guys,” she says with a snicker.

Teller chuckles. “Boys compare notes too.”


Wrath’s jaw and his hold on Trinity tightens.

“Anyway, I just wanted you to know. Me and Rock. Never.” She makes a slashing motion with her hand.

Wrath’s gaze shoots toward the ceiling.

She continues. “He’s more like a big brother or father figure—”

“Fuck, Trinny. I am not old enough to be your dad.” Rock’s back. A smile breaks over my face. I’m so happy to see him. The education I’ve been getting, while interesting, doesn’t have a lot to do with our relationship.

Trinity flushes eight shades of red. “Sorry. You know what I mean.”

The party seems to be winding down out here, but there’s still a lot of noise going on around us. The music has been lowered, and sex noises can pretty much be heard from every direction. Rock traces his finger over my cheek.

“You okay, doll?”

I nod, enjoying his touch.

Someone comes over, taps his shoulder, and they turn away to talk.

Wrath clears his throat. “Uh…Hope, I’m sorry about Inga coming here tonight. I gave the okay for it. I didn’t think Rock would actually bring you to a club party.”

Trinity must be as shocked as I am. She twists in his grasp and presses the back of her hand against his forehead. “You feeling okay, Wyatt?”

For a second, the hard lines of his face settle into something softer before he shakes off her hand.

“What? I’m not a total dickhead. I know it’s not cool to bring the piece around an ol’ lady. Or former piece, as the case may be.”

“I have the feeling if I try to decipher that, I’m going to be offended.” I’m only half joking.

Trinity lets out a huge laugh, and Wrath opens his mouth. “Well, you’re his ol’ lady apparently—”

“No. Just stop. Stop talking. Trinity giggles, while covering his mouth with her hand.

“Always good advice, brother.” Teller says, looking up from his phone finally.

Phew! I love that scene because of the interactions between all the characters. Everyone is trying to help Hope out in their own way and sadly she’s not quite getting it.  Of course everyone in that scene has their own agenda too…

Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC, Book #2) Comes out on December 2nd 2014.


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